The Ultimate “Farmers Market Haul” SPECIAL!

The Ultimate “Farmers Market Haul” SPECIAL!

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The rainy farmers market weekend means we have a SURPLUS of amazing ORGANIC & Local produce that we are selling at a deal to you.  If you were to buy all of this at the market, you would spend over $70, but we are passing our deal on to you for all of the produce pictured for just $50!

This special farmers market haul includes:

Blueberries 1 Pack

Brussel Sprouts 1lb

Pears 1.5lb

Apples 1lb

Strawberries 1lb container

Cucumbers 1lb

Lemons 1lb

Oranges 1lb

Lettuce 1 Head

Ginger 1/4lb

Sweet Potatoes 1.5lbs

Cherry Tomatoes 1 pint

Summer Squash 1.25lbs

Baby Bella Mushrooms 1/2lb

Broccoli Heads

Carrots Bundle

Eggplant 1lb

Butternut Squash 4lbs

Normal Price $71 at market, $50 online rainy day special!